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Imperial Trading Company  -  EU Merchant & PvX Guild in Elder Scrolls Online
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The Elder Scrolls Online - PC

PvP, PvE

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Templar
class Dragonknight
class Sorcerer
class Nightblade
Faction Requirements
class Aldmeri Dominion
class Daggerfall Covenant
class Ebonheart Pact
Race Requirements
class Altmer
class Argonian
class Breton
class Bosmer
class Dunmer
class Khajiit
class Nord
class Orc
class Redguard
class Imperial
Recruitment information
Need a guild store? Imperial Trading Company are recruiting!

The aim of the Imperial Trading Company is to provide a vibrant merchants forum, engaging in trade in all materials available on the continent. Membership is easy, simply fill out the short application form and we'll respond shortly; granting you access to our trading forums and our in game guild shop.

For those players looking to get more involved, we also have a thriving guild community if you want to know how something works in game, want people to join you for group content, want something crafted. or just want people to chat with as you journey through Tamriel you can find them here. We also run some events, fun socials, and some forays into PVE and PVP play. As well at this, we also have:

  • A full website - including forums and chat functionality
  • A guild trader, normally in one of the major cities
  • A dedicated Discord server for general chat and running group content
  • A guild HQ (large property with many features open to all in the guild)
  • Opportunities for those looking to get more involved to help with the running of the guild

Time Schedules
Casual Social Crafting voice Mumble
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EU Merchant/Social Guild in Elder Scrolls Online